Baba Ijebu

Baba Ijebu Is Now Online

Baba Ijebu - Baba Ijebu Is Now Online

Nigeria’s largest and oldest fixed odds lotto is now available online. The Baba Ijebu lotto has been taking bets since the 1970s, paying out thousands of players on a daily basis.
Once you have selected your numbers, you then choose which draw you would like to take part in. We have 6 draws** every day from Monday to Saturday at 9.45am, 12.45pm, 3.45pm, 7,00pm, 7.45pm and 10.45pm. On Sundays we have 5 draws** at 12.45pm, 3.45pm, 7.00pm, 7.45pm and 10.45pm.
Baba Ijebu is renowned as being the safest lotto to play in Nigeria, paying out its customers in a fast, timely and accurate manner.
The Baba Ijebu motto is clear for all to see, ‘You Play, We Pay’!

NAP2 Lotto Game

NAP2 is the most popular game played by Baba Ijebu lotto customers on a daily basis.
NAP2 involves selecting two numbers from a pool of 1-90. If your numbers are drawn out in the draw you choose from, you are paid out on your stake times by a multiple of 240!
For example, if you stake 100 Naira and play the NAP2 and pick two numbers that come out in the draw, you win 24,000 Naira!

Visit our tutorial page to learn how to play sport betting and Baba Ijebu lotto on mobile using your phone’s credit.

Other Lotto Games

There are four other games you can play in each lotto draw, including selecting the first number drawn, with a x40 multiplier on your stake. You can also select three lotto numbers with a x2100 multiplier, four numbers x6000 and five numbers X44000.
Each Baba Ijebu draw, with the exception of Ghana based lotto games, takes place at the Premier Lotto head office in Lagos. Each draw is conducted by a Director of Premier Lotto, with the five numbers drawn from the available pool of 1-90 balls, declared as the winning numbers for that specific draw.
The online lotto can be played by visiting Baba on your mobile or computer. The online website is owned by the parent company of Baba Ijebu, Premier Lotto. You will be able to take part in each draw, as well as place bets on sports.
If you are a customer of MTN, you can also play the lotto using your MTN airtime credit. To find out more details visit the Baba Ijebu MTN Lotto page.



  • . have registered but i have been unable to enter a bet. Pls display a sample of the required process of betting.

    • Hi Peter,
      Could you please, state the difficulties you’re facing. In the meantime, kindly visit this link to play Premier Lotto on MTN Please, do let us know if it helped. 😀

      • I still cannot play online because I have not been able to apply my PIN after choosing my 2 numbers .pls, let me have a sample of how place a bet.

        • Hello Anon,
          We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll post a sample ASAP.

  • Pls, if I pick two nombers and one of it is d winning nomber, can I get paid?

    • Hello Anthony,
      We’re sorry, you can’t. You have to get the two numbers correctly to win.

  • Pls, can I pick only one nomber and play as many time as posible?

    • Hi Anthony,
      We’re sorry, but Nap2 requires that you pick and stake on exactly two different numbers per game. This will even give you a higher chance of winning that one number.

  • Is it only on mtn line?

    • Hi Anon,
      Yes, it is only available for MTN lines at the moment.

      • If I won, I would I get paid

        • Hello Anon,
          Of course, you will get paid 🙂 You need an MTN Mobile money account though which is connected to your Baba Ijebu Mobile account. You money will be deposited into this account.

      • If I won, I would I get Paid

        • Hello Seki,
          Of course. If you play and win, we’ll send your money to any mobile money account you registered with. You can also come to our HQ at 112, Funso Williams Avenue, (formerly Western Avenue) Surulere, Lagos.

  • How are we going to register this mobile money account

    • Hello West,
      Kindly follow this link to get full information on how to register an MTN mobile money account.

  • Pls I placed a bet and how do I know the result. .
    I try to view my account and it’s asking for Ticket ref id

    • Hello Chioma,
      Kindly subscribe to this blog’s updates and you’ll get updates on each lotto results as soon as they are released.

  • Show a sample of ticket I’d

    • Hello Anonymous,
      Kindly rephrase your question, we couldn’t get it. Thanks.


        • Hello Fatai,
          Kindly note that even as we are representatives of Premier Lotto, we do not get the Baba Ijebu results before they are release. So, in this issue, we’re on the same level as you are

  • Hello, hw can i register with my mtn dyaccount?

  • Pls hw can I register my mobile money account

    • Hello Ojo,
      To open an MTN mobile money account in just a few seconds, simply dial *710# on your phone with your MTN. You can also click here to get full information about the account.

  • what is going on with baba ijebu online,i tried to fund my account but you guys did not fund my account,going to two days now.

    • Hello Olamide,
      We’re sorry for the inconvenience, can you try again now?

  • what is the phone number to reach you guys on ?

    • Hello Olamide,
      Kindly contact us on +234 01-793 7511.

  • Pls after regstration do i going to be charge for the service weekly or monthly or no charge again?

    • Hello Anon,
      You’ll be charged only for each game you play.

  • How many draws can I play in a day

    • Hello Anon,
      There are 6 draws in a day, so you can play 6 times.

  • please how do I get result in my phone

    • Hello Maxy,
      Kindly subscribe to our blog to get updates on the latest draws. We’re working on sending notifications to winners as you’ve suggested. Thanks.

  • if one places a bet, after the drawing there should be a way letting the petson know if he won or not

    • Hello Chuks,
      You can subscribe to our blog to get updates on the latest draws. We’re working on sending notifications to winners as you’ve suggested. Thanks.

  • Can i play a particular game on a row,like five to ten times before draw

    • Hello Rowland,
      If I understand what you mean, your’re asking if you can play different numbers different times for a particular draw. Yes, you can.

  • Hello Tayo by name, please i wanna ask that is this the same baba ijebu dt people play in form of palming, 2 direct and 3 direct with paper?

    • Hello Tayo,
      Yes it is. To help our players play with ease wherever they are, the Premier Lotto team introduces Baba Ijebu Lotto on MTN. We hope you love it and you play to win while we pay.

      • when are we going to be able to perm on a mobile phone or more than 2 direct????

        • Hello Tayorshd,
          We all know that permutation is one of the fun parts of the game 😀 and the Baba Ijebu developers team are currently working on how to make the effective and user friendly for you. Please, do be patient with us 🙂

  • hello, i was made to understand that 5 numbers could be picked and if two numbers out of the 5 matches the draws then you won. but when i tried to play with my mtn line i realized i could only pick the two exact numbers that i think will be drawn. so my question is, am i doing anything wrong or is that the way its designed to work? i’m new to this.

    • Hello Kratos,
      At the moment, you can only pick two numbers per game. If those two numbers are part of the numbers available in the draw, you’ve won. Long Live Sparta!!! 😀

  • Tope
    can i stake more than #250 ticket i mean repeating my bet like three time on a game

  • Please I want to cancel my premier bet account with my mtn line

    • Hello,
      Kindly call 08090284838 for further help on this.

  • Pls I forgot my pin and I cant get how to retrieve it back from the options… pls help out

    • Hello Esther,
      Kindly call this number for further help 08090284838.

  • Pls just as the time for checking results are displayed. The time for closure should also be indicated. Thank you

    • Hello Anon,
      Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll look into this and implement the best approach. Thanks again 😀

      • pls allow us to play like 3 to 4 numbers I mean perming

        • We’re currently working one this update at the moment. Permutation will be available to play on mobile in no time from now.


    • Hello Anon,
      Please, kindly check again and get back to us. We’ll refer it to the appropriate office if it hasn’t been resolved yet. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hello,
      We’re sorry for any inconvenience this had caused. Kindly send an email to [email protected] stating your complaint & referencing your online username.

  • Kudos to Premier Lotto on this! But, it would be great if you guys can include the “Against” option in your online betting site. This is the bet I mostly place and I can’t really play much until that option is available. Please look into it. Thanks.

    • Hello again your majesty,
      Thank you for your thought provoking suggestion. You request will be escalated to the concerned office, and we’ll do our best to implement the Against odds.

  • Greetings to premier lotto admin.
    Your assistance is needed.

    (1) Please kindly give me the full procedure of calculating winnings for NAP and PERM games. Also explain how to calculate winnings if a banker ball is selected in the games.

    (2) How can I subscribe to receive this blog lotto result updates, to my email address ?

    (3) How many games are available on sundays?

    (4) Is PERM game selection numbers from 3-90 while NAP is from 1-90 ?

    • Hello Delakins,
      Please, note that these questions have been escalated to a more informed office. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

  • Gud evening Admin. Pls apart from MTN network can’t we use Zain to play d game on line. Secondly if I go to diamond bank will dey attend to me by allowing me to open account for baba ijebu online game?

    • Hello Dayo,
      For now, you can only play Baba Ijebu on your mobile phone with an MTN line. Secondly, yes, you can go to a Diamond bank branch to open Diamond Yello Account. Alternatively, you can also play Baba Ijebu online here

  • Thanks permutation is online now,good job done.

    • Hello Lekan,
      We’re glad that you like it. Thanks for your patience too

  • Good morning, Pls i won 12k this morning and i have since delete the previous sms that has my user ID and password, How could i get new password and user ID. Thanks

    • Hello Nouredine,
      We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Do be more careful next time. Please, send an email to [email protected] concerning the issue stating the phone number you used to register.

  • I have a question pending, pls do reply. Thanks

    • Hi again Nouredine,
      Kindly note that we’ve replied your comment. Do check.

  • When are we expecting three direct & staking a number 1 to 90

  • Is there anyhow how I can play baba ijebu online like 9jabeat???

  • can I get lotto chart online,mean past results of all games?

  • i cant see anything online please tel me how i can play game online just like 9jabeat

  • pls I played my game nd it was nt accepted but they deducted my airtime

    • Hello Yinka,
      We’re sorry for this. Please call 08090284838 stating this issue to have it rectified immediately.

  • I won bonanza perming on the 18th of march 2016 up till now am yet to receive any message & I have my mobile money account.

  • I played 2nab yesterday by 7.30pm draw national , first they sent me draw message without indicating any thing which i won with my 2nap number, they later sent draw of national which i did nt win. I wnt to knw i can recieve my money with d first draw that i won.

    • Hello Anon,
      We’re sorry about this. Kindly send this complaint and the number you used to play to [email protected]. We’ll have it resolved ASAP.

  • Thank you for the goodwork you are doing. Please I want to ask, how can I receive my pay if I win playing online…..?

    • Hello Ossy,
      If you win online, you can withdraw your money into the bank account connected to the debit card you attached to your Baba Ijebu account.

  • Hi , i won bingo game today , my DYA has not been credited .

    • Hello Raimi,
      Please confirm that your account has been credited.

  • MY mind is that you are fucking scammer and coming for you soon .

    • Hello Isaac,
      Our customers KNOW we aren’t scammers. What gave you this idea?

  • I won bonanza yesterday on line till now am yet to be notified that I won which make me not to be able to claim my money.

    • Hello Bayo,
      Kindly check your online Baba Ijebu account. You should find your winnings there and be able to withdraw.

  • How can I transfer the money from dya to my normal account

    • Hello Richie,
      Kindly contact MTN or your Diamond Bank customer service to know more about this.

  • Well my own is that I am new in this and I will like to ask that if I play online and I win the bet, how will I claim my money and how can it be transfer to my bank Acc??? Tell me more about this I prefer playing online but u know I need to be vary careful….

    • Hello Lawal,
      You can withdraw your money to your bank account when you register your debit card and click withdraw under your account tab.

  • I have something to complain about sir…. if you permit me sir

    • Hello Opeyemi,
      Please go on. We appreciate your ideas and insight.

      • am I agent of premier lotto sir..I want to talk about terminal issue…we agent are complain too much….I can’t remember how many times we went down to office to make complain about our terminal…but nobody ready to listen to us….pls l’ll be happy if you help me sir….

        • Hello, Opeyemi.
          Thanks for the complaint. Please, what issues are you having with your terminals.

  • please how can i deactivate baba ijebu on my mtn line as the text massages is much, please i need the code

    • Hello Super Rich,
      We’re sorry for this inconvenience. Please send an email to [email protected] relating this complaint and stating your phone number.

  • Hello, please i cant use my card to deposit, all am seeing ws unknown reason. yyyyyyyyy

    • Hello Midejulius,
      Please confirm that this isn’t a network issue. Also state the device and browser used for this transaction.

  • please can i use my airtime credit to play?

  • I won last nights Jackpot draw my two numbers appeared i expected to be funded immediately but not yet till now. this is not suppose to be, every thing should be automated as quickly as possible. I even mail [email protected] still no quick response till now. infact, premiere bet still need to work more on their selves online, I ‘m almost feeling like being scam.
    This will be my third time since yesterday I have been communicating with customer care email until I found this, I have not received any response and phone number to call them with. I know this is not happening offline.
    my username with ijebu is chessy, please do something on time.

    • Hello Azeez,
      We’re really sorry for this inconvenience. We believe it has been fixed and your account has been funded?

  • Am new to this game and I have 5 numbers I’ll like to bet on, how do I do it.

  • I won last night and how do i get my cash?

    • Hello, Antony
      You can make withdrawals under My Account

  • hello, i won But have not yet paid for game i played…. pls what can i do pls……

    • Hello Ololade,
      We’re sorry for crediting you late, but I’m sure you’ll have gotten your money now

      • Please help am in abuja how do I play Banker on phone or if your agent is in abuja how do I locate them thank you.

  • Am playing now and he was tellun me dat ,
    Your MTN lotto bet has failed, this means your bet has not been placed in your selected draw. Please try again or dial 08090284838 for further help.

    • Hello Someone,
      Please confirm that;
      1. This is not a network issue
      2. You’re playing with an MTN number
      3. Your number has a DYA (Diamond Y’ello Account)

  • Good even I won Enugun this even.. and have not yet get paid look at the massge sent to me what the meaning of this massage cause I don’t get it.. here is the massage sent to me !! Your winnings have been sent to a Baba account we have created for you. Please call 08090284838 to find out how you can claim your lotto winnings. And it really making me angey making me to feel this is not right business on network is a scam!! Have lost a lot on money playing online… my yello account is 2225742386 my game seriar number is ENU 756 -JAWQ-174434-388 please do something to it cause is a game of 2k I played won 48,000… can’t see my money

    • Hello Ukueku,
      We’re really sorry about this. This issue has been escalated to the appropriate office and will be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Can’t someone please reply me can’t seelp have been calling the number sent to me not going through it been forwarding!! What really happening!!

    • Hi again, Ukueku.
      Please, be patient. We’re currently working on your complaint.

  • pls can i play a single number as a banker.e.g 17,and wil i win if it come out.

  • Please how can I play a single number bet on my phone? Or five numbers straight bet on my phone?

    • Hello Dapo,
      At the moment, we have not yet implemented single number bets or 5 straight number bets. We’re working on other awesome implementations though, keep your fingers crossed.

  • Hello good morning to you, please I will like if you people can extend this thing’s to other networks for others to benefit….. Thanks

    • Hello Victor,
      Thanks for your insightful suggestion. Of course, we’re working on it at the moment.

  • Hi, I ve registered completely deposit 100 using my ATM card and email me successfully but no credit on account platform neither debit alert from my Bank account. What happened?

    • Hello Azeez,
      Please click on your profile at the right hand side of the site. You’ll see Cash, Card and Bankit. Please, select Card to see how much you deposited via your ATM

  • Why are you people doing like this since on Saturday I have winning ticket and i can’t payout and I even call the number is not reusable

    • Hello, Famakin.
      We’re really sorry for this. Could you send in the username of the account you played with?

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