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Live Betting – What You Need to Know

Live Betting - What You Need to Know

Live betting is when you bet once an event has gotten underway and where you can bet right up to the conclusion. It is ideal for football betting, especially if you haven’t been able to place a bet before the game has started, but still want to have a financial interest.

The other fantastic and appealing pull of live betting is that sometimes despite reading all the previews, the team news and the stats, you just don’t have a strong enough opinion on what might happen. With live betting, it removes the stress of having to make the final call before the referee blows his whistle and gets the match under way. You can then sit back, pretend you are in the dugout with the coaching staff, and take a view on what is happening in front of you.
Then having analysed what is going on, you can place your bet and see whether your read on the game is on the money, or maybe not!

Live Betting - What You Need to Know

There are a range of markets that you can get involved with for live betting, with the most popular ones being the 1X2 market, Double Chance, over/under 2.5 goals and who will score the next goal.

Live betting has become incredibly popular in other parts of the world, with nearly 50% of football bets in the UK now taking place after the game has started.

When you consider why it is so popular it is because you can see if the star player gets injured and has to be replaced, or if one team has a man sent off and is reduced to 10 men.

It might be that one goalkeeper has decided that today is the day he will not be beat, regardless of what the opposing team throws at him.

With all this in mind, you can then see how the odds are changing in real time and decide whether you think the live betting odds represent value and are worth a bet or not.

Live betting will only become more popular as punters adapt to betting on single matches and waiting for the game to start before making the call.

While it is not for everyone, at least with live betting if you have called it totally wrong pre-kickoff, you still have the chance to save the day, save your money and get out of jail!


  • Pls my atm I know gree enter pls why

    • Hello Anon,
      Please state your Bank and ATM card type that was issued to you.

  • Please enlighten me on how to play the online game on my laptop. How do i open an account and fund it and what is the minimum amount required to fund the account?

    • Hello Toyenro,
      To register on the Baba Ijebu website;
      Click on Register button at the top-left corner
      Fill all required fields
      Include your Debit Card details if you’ll like to deposit via your ATM Card

      The minimum amount required to fund you account is 100 Naira.

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