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Baba ijebu FreebiesFriday Terms and Conditions

Baba ijebu FreebiesFriday Terms and Conditions

In regards to the Baba Ijebu social media Baba Ijebu FreebiesFriday promotions, we will like to bring to your notice the following information and conditions stated below;

  1. You must be 18 and above to participate in the Baba Ijebu FreebiesFriday competition.
  2. This competition is FREE FOR ALL, i.e. no money or it’s equivalent is required to enter this competition.
  3. Only questions and answers tagged #FreebiesFriday enter the competition.
  4. The competition will be based on Sport and Baba Ijebu questions.
  5. Competitors must reply under the Baba Ijebu #FreebiesFriday question post
  6. Baba Ijebu FreebiesFriday Competitions will only take place on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, these are the only accounts authorized to give any information on this competition .
  7. Competitors can compete on both platforms at the same time.
  8. You must Like or Follow us on the above stated social media accounts before your answers count.
  9. This competition requires you to have a Baba Ijebu betting account to win. If you do not, please, register here.
  10. 10 winners will be chosen randomly from Facebook and Twitter, winners will be announced on the authorized pages by Saturday.
  11. If you are announced a winner, you’re required to send a message to the social media account you played on, stating the email and username you used to create your Baba Ijebu account.
  12. The prize for each win is ₦1000 only and will be credited to the winner’s Baba Ijebu account.
  13. Winners’ accounts will be credited on the Monday after each competition.
  14. Winners are encouraged to send us images or alerts of their accounts being credited to make this competition. more fun.

Please, feel free to ask questions here.


  • Greetings to premierbet support.
    I have a question to ask about this promotion “freebiesfriday”

    Is this promotion still ongoing OR it has been stopped ?

    Expecting your response.

    • Hello Olufemi,
      For now, the Baba Ijebu Freebies Friday promotion is on hold at the moment as we’re coming up with something more enticing and challenging for our fans.

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