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Things to Know About Winning Baba Ijebu

Things to Know About Winning Baba Ijebu

Do you know anything about the Baba Ijebu Nigerian Lotto Game? Do you know that it’s the easiest lotto game to win in Nigeria? Do you know that it has been made easier with using your phone’s credit to play by dialling *755#?

Baba Ijebu premier lotto is a game that can make you rich quick if you know how to play it expertly. We will discuss the things you need to know about the game. To play Baba ijebu and have a chance of winning, you’ll have to choose specific number between one to ninety.

The game has permutations 2, 3, 3 direct and 2 sure. 2 sure permutations are when two of the player’s numbers drop. This means that if a player plays permutation 2 sure with N5, he will win N1,200 especially if the player’s two numbers drop, because the number is 2 out of 90. It means that if you choose two numbers and the ball is rolled, it will display five numbers. If two of your numbers come out, then you win depending on how much you stake. The higher you stake, the greater the amount you win.

Baba Ijebu comes with many play options, which is why it’s possible to win a full array of prizes. It also has numerous drawings; one drawing every day from Monday to Saturday and four drawings on Sunday which means numerous opportunities to win. The number of possible combinations that you can use to win is higher than all other national lotteries. Baba Ijebu is also the most popular Nigerian Lottery; this is majorly because a lot of people have won and made a fortune of it.

Visit the Baba Ijebu *775# page to learn how to play Baba Ijebu expertly, especially through your mobile phone using the Hammer Code (*755#).

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