Baba Ijebu

Premier Lotto… You Play, We Pay!

Baba Ijebu - Premier Lotto. You Play, We Pay!

Premier Lotto is the owner of Nigeria’s oldest, largest, safest and most recognised lottery, namely Baba Ijebu.
Premier Lotto was formed as a licensed company in 2001, but has been operating lottery based products since the 1970s. The vision to bring a daily set of lotto games to the Nigerian public came from Chief Kessington Adebukunola Adebutu, who is the Chairman of Premier Lotto.
It was his vision and innovative thinking, which saw the introduction of the widely recognised red box terminals which pave the roadsides across all of Lagos, where Premier Lotto has its headquarters.
The red box Baba Ijebu lotto kiosks are known to millions of Nigerians, who each day witness Baba Ijebu agents and players interacting with each other, as thousands of players attempt to pick the right numbers in any given draw.

Thousands of players each day take part and pick winning numbers on the six lotto draws which take place Monday through to Sunday, with five on a Sunday. Premier Lotto is held in high regard in how quickly and accurately it pays out winning tickets, making it without question the safest gaming brand to play with across the whole of Nigeria.

With a management team that has over 40 years of combined experience working in the gaming industry, Premier Lotto sets a high standard when it comes to integrity and transparency.

How the Lotto Product Works

Premier Lotto runs a fixed odds lotto game, meaning the players are playing against the house (Baba Ijebu), rather than against each other. It is Premier Lotto who takes the entire risk for each given lotto draw, with the amount each player wins, completely independent of other winners.
There are five different ways to play the lotto, from a single number bet to picking five numbers and going for a huge payout.
The minimum stake is N50, with winnings paid as a direct proportion of what stake was placed with the Baba Ijebu agent.

Each draw closes 45 minutes before the draw time, with all draws, except the Ghanaian-based ones, taking place at the Premier Lotto headquarters in Lagos.
All draws are witnessed by hundreds of agents and players, eager to watch the numbers be drawn out live. Once the five numbers for a draw have been pulled out and presented to the watching audience, the draw is then ratified by a Premier Lotto director.
The winning numbers are then placed into the Premier Lotto system and streamed back to the thousands of red terminals across the country, where an agent can then see the winning numbers and be able to alert players and pay-out on winning tickets.
Winning tickets have to be claimed within seven days, with Premier Lotto payment centres open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • How will someone that Plays premier lotto on mobil and win going to receive his or her cash???

    • Hello Oliver,
      Please,open a Mobile Money account preferably tied to your MTN number into which your winnings will be paid. Winners can also come over to our Surulere office to collect cash.

    • Hello Oliver,
      You can either get it by opening a mobile money account and follow the instructions provided to receive payment.For more information, kindly email us at [email protected] We hope this is helpful.

  • Its a lie, i opened a mobile money account with my mtn number and i played and won your super game on the 12/09/2015. Am yet to collect my cash.

    • Hello Sulaimon, we’re sorry if you’ve not gotten your reward. Kindly come and claim your winnings from the Premier Lotto Head Office at 112 Funso Williams Avenue, (formerly Western Avenue) Surulere, Lagos.

  • How can i get and claim my winnings,if i stake your lotto game,i opened a diamond yellow account with my mtn line can my winnings be paid into my account because i dnt reside in lagos.

    • Hello Anon,
      Winnings are received as transfers into your new or existing mobile money account. If diamond yellow is a mobile money account, then it’s possible.
      We hope this was helpful?

  • My name is quadri i leave in abeokuta ogun state & i’ve no mail & if i play game on my & i won hw can i get pay thank u.

    • Hi Quadri,
      We can pay into your mobile money account if you have one.

  • My name is Christopher
    How one claim his or her winnings if he wins any game?
    Two i lost my pin i cant play cus of the pin pls help me out
    Should i re-register?

    • Hi Christopher,
      We’ve registered your previous complaints. Please be patient as we’ll get to you soon. Thanks.

  • How do ni become an agent of premier bet….and can I mix it with premier lotto….Pls reply to my email. [email protected]. ..include d requirements

    • Hello Bolaji,
      Kindly make enquiries about becoming an Agent ( Lotto ) can be made at the Marketing and Sales Dept, at our Head office; 112 Funso Williams Avenue (formerly Western Avenue)Surulere, Lagos. However for Sports Betting, kindly contact [email protected]

  • My name is Ganiyu ojo david can someone. who Plays premier bet
    lotto game on mobile and win going to receive
    his or her cash through first bank nigeria plc coz dat is the only bank accout i have?

    • Hello Ganiyu,
      Kindly note that proceeds from your winning will be sent to the Mobile Money account attached to you MTN sim. If this is your First Bank account, we believe the money will be released there.

  • i place a bet and is telling me unable to placed please why?

    • Hello Foley,
      I advise you be a little patient, it might be a network issue. We’re sorry for the inconvenience though.

  • How can someone play Nap 3 online

    • Hello Samson,
      To play NAP3 online, visit the Baba Ijebu Lotto page on Baba Ijebu >> choose 3 numbers of you liking >> select Add to Betslip under the NAP3 title >> add the amount you’ll like to stake >> click Bet on Lottery.

  • How much will I get in return if I stake 5,000 for two sure?

    • Hello Akindotun,
      if you stake 5000 on your Two Sure game, you’ll get a multiple of 240 when you win. i.e. 5000 X 240 = 1,200,000

  • How can I be your agent in port harcourt

    • Hello Kitoye,
      Kindly send your Email address, location of your shop and phone number to [email protected] stating that you will like to be our agent in Port-Harcourt. This will be forwarded to our retail unit who will contact you with further information

  • Interesting lotto… Want to try it:)


    • Please, dial *755#, Select option 5 and send, then select option 1 and send. Your win will be transferred to your DYA account

  • Can i play premier lotto from my DYA balance ? or is it only from my MTN credit balance ?

    • You can only play from you MTN credit when playing via mobile. You could load your MTN line via your DYA account to play though. If you’re planning to play online via you can play through your bank account.

  • can i play baba ijebu from my dya balance ?

  • How can one calculate the amount won on playing nap2? … Like played nap2 and two numbers dropped… How do I calculate the amount?

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