First time *755# Online Payout

Follow these simple steps 1 – 7 below carefully to payout your winning on *755# from the Baba Ijebu website.

With a chrome browser, open https://babaijebu.ng/en/lobby

  1. Click on (NEW *755# USERS CLICK HERE) at the top left corner
  2. Type your mobile number then type your Baba Ijebu pin (Dial 7557# to get the pin). Click next to proceed
  3. Create your own strong password. Use a password you can remember
  4. Fill in your personal information as you have it in your bank a/c you want to use for withdrawal
  5. Type your first name, middle name and on the 2nd line type your last name
  6. Select date of birth, enter your address. Provide all required information and click next
  7. Fill withdrawal information. Type your account number, select the bank and amount, then click on Withdraw. (do not use comma or full stop on the amount you want to withdraw)

Don’t use Access bank or Eco bank to avoid delay of your withdrawal.

Next time you win, your username is example 234801—-

If you need any more help, click the Chat button and chat with us on https://babaijebu.ng

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