Tennis markets are exempt from the 36 hour rule with regards to cancelled, postponed or abandoned games – all bets stand and are settled according to the official result and in accordance with our individual bet-type rules. No bet-types will be void owing to delays in play, changes to schedules and/or weather delays. Bets will […]

Highest Odds: Gasquet to beat Federer 6-0 20.00 Federer to beat Gasquet 6-0 13.00 Federer to beat Gasquet 6-1 17.00 Gasquet to beat Federer 7-5 13.00 Federer to beat Gasquet 7-5 8.00 If Federer could hand pick his top-20 opponents in a major quarter final, Richard Gasquet would feature really high on his list, with the Gasman […]