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Popular Football Betting Terms

1X2 Market
The most popular football betting term for punters all across the world is the 1X2 market. It is a simple football bet to understand, in that to get paid out all you have to pick is the winning result at the end of the 90 minutes of the football match you have chosen to bet on.
The 1 means that you have bet on the home team to win the match, while 2 represents the away team.
The X signals the outcome of the match ending in a draw. For most punters they normally choose to bet on a team coming out victorious at the end of the encounter, with the X bet option the least popular of the three possible outcomes you can bet on.

Double Chance
This football bet type is also very popular, with the probability of picking the right outcome significantly higher than the 1X2 market.
However, it is worth bearing in mind that the odds for this type of bet are significantly lower. The reason for the odds being way lower are that for this football bet type you are covering two of the possible three outcomes when betting on how the match will finish.
To use an example if Chelsea are playing Tottenham, the three options to bet on for Double Chance will be – Chelsea/Draw, Chelsea/Tottenham or Tottenham/Draw.
As you can see, with Double Chance football betting, you are giving yourself a much better chance of picking the right full time outcome, which is why the odds are significantly lower than if you were to play the 1X2 market.

Popular Football Betting Terms - 1X2 Market

Draw No Bet
This football bet is the easiest to explain in the sense that you only have two outcomes to pick from.
Using the above game example, if Chelsea were playing Tottenham at Stamford Bridge, in the draw no bet market you would be able to either place your money on a Chelsea win, or a Tottenham win.
If the game was to end in a draw the sports betting company would refund your stake. Again, due to reducing the possible outcome from three to two, the odds are lower than what would be available on the 1X2 market.

Popular Football Betting Terms - Draw No Bet

Both Teams To Score
This is without question not only one of the most popular football bets to place, but also one of the most fun.
Again, the simplicity of this football bet is what makes it so attractive, in that all you are predicting is whether in any given match, both teams will score, yes or no!
You won’t be surprised to read that more often than not people will go for the ‘yes’ option, as football fans are always hoping to see lots of goals and excitement when watching games.
What this actually means is that the odds for backing ‘no’ are a lot of the time quite attractive as the ‘yes’ market is over bet, leading to reduced odds.
However, when considering if you are going to bet on the ‘no’ outcome, just imagine then having to sit through a game and hoping every time one, or both, of the teams heads towards goal you hope the goalkeeper saves, or the player shoots wide.
When you consider that, it doesn’t sound that exciting does it! Now you can see why people love to bet ‘yes’ on the both teams to score football market.

Popular Football Betting Terms - Both Teams To Score

Over/ Under Total Goals
The over/under total goals football betting market is when you predict how many goals will take place in a specific game. The odds normally go higher the more goals you predict will take place.
The market starts with over/under 0.5 goals where you are simply betting on whether the game will end goalless, or if there will be at least one goal. The odds on the overs are so low, it almost seems not really worth considering.
The two most popular options in this particular market is whether there will be over/under 1.5 goals or over/under 2.5 goals in the match.
The over/under 2.5 goals is the most popular with punters and means you are backing whether there will be 0-2 goals, if you select ‘under’, or three goals or more if you back ‘over’.
Again, sports betting customers normally like to back the overs, so they can sit down in front of the big game and cheer on every time a team is pressing forwards and on the attack.
For neutrals watching a live TV game, if you are on over 2.5 goals all you want to see is lots of shots, bad defending and the ball sitting in the back of the net, as often as possible!

Popular Football Betting Terms - Over/ Under Total Goals

Half-time Betting
This football betting market is where you predict what the status of the game will be when the referee blows the half-time whistle.
This is like the 1X2 market in that you can select the home team to be winning (1), the match to be all square heading into the break (X), or that the away team have silenced the home supporters and are leading after the opening half (2).
This seems to be a popular bet for punters who maybe don’t have time to watch the full 90 minutes, or are just too impatient to wait 90 minutes to see if they can get their hands on their winnings!

Popular Football Betting Terms - Half-time Betting

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