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  • Highest odds in the market
  • Biggest lottery company with solid reputation
  • Up to 30% Commission on sales
  • Prompt payment of winnings – Play and get your winnings anywhere
  • Instant payment of winnings
  • Flexible means of remittance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free TV & shop equipment ( T & C apply)

Shop Description & Size

  • Footfall preferably 70% residential and 30% commercial e.g. the shop should be located close to a motor park, market, bus terminal, a popular bus stop e.t.c
  • A minimum of 6 by 8 feet. Kiosks and containers are acceptable provided power lines and canals aren’t on sight.

Agency Requirements

  • Laptop or computer system
  • Thermal printer (Any thermal printer type or size including POS 58 provided it has a driver)
  • TVs may be required
  • Internet facility (modem, router e.t.c that’s best suitable for the agent’s shop location)
  • Generator set

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Agency Application Form


    Phone : 08097171689
    Email : [email protected]