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Why You Can Put Your Money on Arsenal Against Liverpool This First Clash


It’s guaranteed that a mighty Premier League clash is sure to happen today between the Gunners and The Reds, and as fans of football betting a lot of us might not know whose ship to sail on.

Frankly speaking, “ride with Liverpool or sail with Arsenal?” Both are very difficult decisions to make, given that Liverpool has been in top form from the beginning of this season and Arsenal has a record of holding their own against Liverpool throughout history; this last statement is why the Baba Ijebu team thinks it will be more profitable to put your money on Arsenal against Liverpool this time around (No evils, Liverpool fans :-D)

In their last match, The Gunners thrashed The Reds – winning not just in goals but even unarguably in shots-on-target and playing the field; Liverpool just having a little more ball possession as the image below shows;

Arsenal Vs Liverpool

We are sure that Liverpool is on the road to vengeance and they’ll fight tooth and nail to get it. Being that Arsenal has won just one and lost another of their 2 matches against a middling West Ham, and Liverpool has won 2 of theirs and lost none, it should be established that The Reds are brimming with confidence to get their revenge back.

A head-to-head record, Premier League and otherwise of these two teams’ matches shows that Liverpool has had more wins, a hard struggle for them against the Gunners as we’ve previously stated that Arsenal holds its own against Liverpool pretty well. See the image below;

After all these undeniable points against Arsenal, why do you want us to put our money on them, you ask? Well, this next few paragraphs bring up important points that trump those above;


  1. The “Top 4” Is Conclusively Beyond Liverpool’s Reach Right Now:

    Last season, quoting The Guardian, even Liverpool’s coach admits that they do not have the might to take on Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Arsenal Beyond Liverpool

  1. Liverpool’s New Key Striker Benteke Has Nowhere To Go Against Arsenal’s Defender, Mertesacker:

    It’s true that Liverpool’s new Number 9 is a skilful player with physicality, but Mertesacker is not Martin Skrtel and Liverpool is not Aston Villa; as seen in the previous Arsenal vs Aston Villa matches, Benteke was literally in Mertesacker’s pocket; forget the black man’s strong bones and harsh face, German players are WICKED!

Benteke Vs Mertesacker

  1. Arsenal’s Tactics Always Swamps Liverpool:

    It goes without argument that Arsenal’s “tiki-taka” has always had an edge against Liverpool’s “keep-the-ball-to-yourself” tactics and will always do. Liverpool fans, please pray that Brendan Rodgers has a plan against Arsenal this season to avoid your players running in circles around the field 😀

  1. Arsenal Now Has Petr Cech:

    Cech has come to Arsenal, and although it’s a little difficult to adapt to the team’s tactics, we believe that The Reds will feel the brunt of his ball keeping in this match.

  1. Finally, Baba Ijebu Has a Knack for Prediction:

    Believe us, we want you to get an honest reward for all your betting efforts. You can just trust us here and thank us later.

Considering these points we still believe it’s your take, whoever you bet on. Always go with your heart, always.

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