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How To Play Baba Ijebu Online

Nigeria’s largest and oldest fixed odds lotto Baba Ijebu has been available online for a while. The Baba Ijebu lotto has been taking bets since the 1970s, paying out thousands of players on a daily basis.

You can play Baba Ijebu lotto by going to and clicking on the Lotto tab at the top of the home page.

Play Baba Ijebu Online - Premier Lotto Navigation

Once you have selected your numbers, you then choose which draw you would like to take part in. We have 6 draws every day from Monday to Saturday at 9.45am, 12.45pm, 3.45pm, 7.30pm and 10.45pm. On Sundays we have 4 draws  at 12.45pm, 3.45pm, 7.30pm and 10.45pm.

Baba Ijebu is renowned as being the safest lotto to play in Nigeria, paying out its customers in a fast, timely and accurate manner.

The Baba Ijebu motto is clear for all to see, ‘You Play, We Pay’!

NAP2 Lotto Game
NAP2 is the most popular game played by Baba Ijebu lotto customers on a daily basis.
NAP2 involves selecting two numbers from a pool of 1-90. If your numbers are drawn out in the draw you choose from, you are paid out on your stake times by a multiple of 240!

For example, if you stake 100 Naira and play the NAP2 and pick two numbers that come out in the draw, you win 24,000 Naira!

Play Baba Ijebu Online - NAP2

Other Lotto Games

Aside from NAP games, you can also play PERM games, where you have the chance to pick 2-10 numbers from the pool of 1-90 numbers drawn out, perming together several lines to increase your chances of winning.

Play Baba Ijebu Online - PERM2

See A list of Baba Ijebu Games

Each Baba Ijebu draw takes place at the Premier Lotto head office in Lagos. Each draw is conducted by a Director of Premier Lotto, with the five numbers drawn from the available pool of 1-90 balls, declared as the winning numbers for that specific draw. You can check results for all Baba Ijebu games on our Baba Ijebu Lotto Result page.

The online lotto can be played by visiting on your mobile or computer. The online website is owned by the parent company of Baba Ijebu, Premier Lotto. You will be able to take part in each draw, as well as place bets on sports.

If you are a customer of MTN or Airtel, you can also play Baba Ijebu Lotto using your airtime credit by Dialing *755#

How to Play Baba Ijebu on Airtel

How to Play Baba Ijebu on MTN


  • Greetings to premierbetblog support team.

    My name is Akinfe and I am interested in playing the lottery games online.

    I have an important question to ask you about the NAP1 game.

    What determines winning when NAP1 is played ?

    Must the number played be the first number drawn out the five numbers?
    Can it be any of the five numbers, i e in any position ?

    Please kindly respond to my question as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Delakins,
      Sorry for the previous misinformation. In the NAP1 game, the number you chose has to be the 1st number drawn for you to win.

    • Hello Delakins,
      Sorry for the previous misinformation. In the NAP1 game, the number you chose has to be the 1st number drawn for you to win.

  • Does this NAP1 thing work? Because i picked 05 in the club master 3.00pm game of 10/04/2016, and up till now i av never been credited. Premier lotto people, if you think i deserve it pls give it to me.

  • i’ll like to play the on line own my question now is this if i win how will i get my money. and also i’ll need more insight on how to play on line

  • Pls kindly furnish me and result of PSG,Ac Milan And stEtie

  • Is there any game like 5 direct?

    • Hello Dapo,
      At the moment, we have not yet implemented 5 straight number bets.

  • Sorry pls wanna ask a question if I play one diret at one thousand naira how much will be my winning

  • Am here to collect million

  • Babaijebu is the best in Nigeria God bless you

  • If I won how can I get paid

    • Hi Iliya,

      Winnings below Naira 50,000 on 755# platform are to be processed via payout by dialling *755# – select option 6 send, select option 1 send and option 1 again and send. Winnings will be transferred to customer’s Diamond Yellow Account “DYA” which is now AYA due to the Access bank and Diamond bank merger. Please note that DYA customers are expected to do a DYA pin reset by dialling *710*0#. If you have any challenges while doing the pin reset, please call Access bank customer care on 07003000000 – press 0 to speak with an agent.

      The payout process is currently on hold because DYA is being migrated to AYA for more improved mobile features and better customer experience. This process is on going at the moment and once it’s completed, sms will be sent out to customers to process their payouts.

      Winnings above Naira 50,000 on 755# are moved to a Babaijebu account created for the customer. Visit our website and click on the 755# link to process the withdrawal to any bank account of your choice.

      Contact our call center or chat with us online using the chat button below for further guidance.

  • I like babaijebu games to much

  • Comment baba ijebu i lyk it so much

  • This is my first time of playing baba ijebu. May God help me

  • Is it available on Android phone. I mean can I play it on my phone. Thanks

  • I want to used the ×755# to play on my phone is not working. an i am using mtn line

    • Hi Lisa, you can access Baba Ijebu by dialing *755# on your MTN line. If you are having issues connecting we may be able to assist you. Call us on 01-4663270, 09091234535. Cheers !

  • Do i need to have special account playing online using the USSD Code

    • Hi Kayode, no special account. Simpy dial *755# on your MTN line and Play Baba Ijebu. Cheers !

  • pls! after downloading the the any link for payment if u won…pls i want to know.

    • Hi Marcus, it is easy to withdraw your winnings using the App. Simply tap on your Username/Profile on the top right and select Withdraw. Cheers !

  • I’m interested to be an agent in makurdi

  • please I want to be very clear on this, if I play 1banker and my banker plays in any of the second, third, fourth or fifth position does it mean that I lost the game because my banker did not play in the first position?

    • Hi Okechukwu, 1 Banker is selecting a single number out of 90. The position of the number does not matter. Cheers !

  • Hello…
    I actually played a game with my MTN Sim
    But I can’t actually withdraw my winning…
    I’ve been struggling to open an access account but its not working…
    Please reply me…

  • Please if i perm like 6 number online and 2 come out from the result hope i will win?

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