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How to Make Deposit and Withdrawals on the Baba Ijebu Lotto Platform

For Baba Ijebu lovers, the days of queuing at the lotto shops are over.

All you have to do is fund your account online and wait for Baba Ijebu to pay you your dough… then withdraw your winnings from the comforts of your home.

So, let’s delve right in…

 How To Fund Your Account Wallet

Your account can be funded by either Bank transfer or Card deposit.

 Funding Your Account Using Bank Transfer

Step 1: Log into

Step 2: At the top right side of your screen – Select cash and click on deposit.



Step 3: Click on the drop-down arrow to view the details of your preferred bank




Step 4: Copy out the account information and make your transfer.

Note: For transfers, the receipt of payment should be sent to [email protected] for payment confirmation. Once your payment is confirmed your cash wallet will be credited. The narration/description for the transaction should be your username.

For cash deposit, the customer’s account is credited automatically.

Funding Your Online Account Using Card (Mastercard Only)

Step 1: Log into your

Step 2: At the top right hand of your screen, Select Card and click on deposit.



Step 3: Input the amount you want to deposit

Step 4: Click continue to Payment (Use promotional code if given. The codes are available when there is an ongoing promotion)



Step 5: Input your card number (16 digits number in front of your card), Card name, expiration date and billing address, then click on Next.



Step 6: Input your CVV number (the 3 digits security code at the back of your card, click on Next



Step 7: Give a few minutes for your payment to be authorized, input your token or one-time password as preferred and click submit.

Your Card wallet will automatically be credited amount.

How to Withdraw Online


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in, click on the drop-down arrow by name, select withdraw.



Withdrawing into your card:

Input the amount you want to withdraw and click withdraw.

The withdrawal will be sent directly to the account linked to the card you made a deposit with.


Withdrawing into your bank account:

Input the Account name, Account number, select your bank name and amount, click on withdraw.

Withdrawal made to card takes 4-5 working days and a withdrawal made to bank takes 24 hours.



So that’s it!

Playing Baba Ijebu has never been easier.

Fund your account, place your bets, wait for the draw and withdraw your winnings.

Baba Ijebu gats pay us our dough… 🙂



  • Dough is 😎 #baba ijebu… 😀

  • Dear Alfred,

    For security purposes, we advise our players to use a very strong password. Make it as long as possible.

    If you encounter any other issue while trying to create the account, feel free to send a mail to [email protected] stating the problem.

    You Play, We Pay!

  • Pls house help me out, I just got my account recharged this morning through online web recharge but the payment is not reflecting on my account balance

    • Please contact customer service for quick resolution of this problem. Use the Chat button at the bottom of this page, email [email protected] or call 01-4663270

  • Please can someone help me I need to stop the auto withdrawal from my account… Never gave permission for auto withdrawal so waking up to see a debit without my authorization is alarming…. I don’t think they should have access to my account and debit daily as they like without my consent …

    • Hi Gift. Please contact us using the chat button below for quick investigation and resolution. You can also call 01-4663270 or email [email protected]

  • Can someone register and play games with handset?

  • I forgot my account number can you please help me with the same.i know my pin code

    • Hi Okechukwu, contact us to obtain the information you need. Use the Chat button on the website or Call 01-4663270, 09091234535. You can also email [email protected] . Cheers !

  • Please I won 9600 but I can’t withdraw and it’s very painful because I want to play the next game

    • Hi Ozil, for quick resolution of this problem, contact us immediately. Use the Chat button on the website or Call 01-4663270, 09091234535. You can also email [email protected] . Cheers !

  • How can i get play babaijebu with *755#,coz i tried it on my phone but it is nt going

    • Hi Ibrahim, Baba Ijebu Lotto is currently available on MTN by dialling *755#. Coming soon to other networks. Cheers !

  • Pls admin i need ur help here. I jst open a wallet acnt and i won 2day and d money had been sent 2 my wallet acnt but i cnt transfer it 2 my bank acnt. Pls wat shul i do

    • Hi Muhammed, contact us for assistance concerning withdrawals. Use the Chat button on the website or Call 01-4663270, 09091234535. You can also email [email protected] . Cheers !

  • Pls I won D’s Nite and winning bonus was credited into my wallet Account(Bankit) and while trying to send it to my main bank account it was not goin tru.. pls what should I do

  • I won since yesterday and am still finding it difficulty to withdraw to my bank account.

    • Hi Michael, send us a message with the details via the chat button below or call 01-4663270, 09091234535. You can also email [email protected] . Cheers !

  • Good afternoon..Please I won since yesterday morning and I’ve been finding it difficult to transfer into my account of which I’ve even opened the Yello diamond account with my Airtel no because I used the Airtel no to register my bvn. Now I’m trying to withdraw into the account no I was been given but on dialing *755# ,I clicked my account thinking it would ask for the account no I was Ben given but everything just failed… Please help me look into this situation as early as possible, please.

    • Hi Abayomi, the same MTN line used for playing Baba Ijebu *755# is the one required for paying out your winnings. For further information and assistance, Call us on 01-4663270, 09091234535. Cheers !

    • Hi,
      Can other bank wallet be used to receive winnings aside diamond hello Account?

      • Hi Praz, *755# Payout is done into Diamond/Access Yellow Account. Cheers !

  • Can some helg me. I win a game last week. Lucky g. But i was in town to summit my ticket immediately for claim. I travel due to d covid 19 . After one week plus i came bck but the agent refuse to pay me telling is late. Wht should i do?

    • Hi Frank, do present your ticket at our office closest to your location. Cheers !

  • Please i won a bet of 9600 but i cant transfer it to my account what should i do

    • Hi Anuoluwapo, contact us via the chat button below or call 01-4663270, 09091234535. You can also email [email protected] . We will be able to assist you. Cheers !

  • Good morning admin I av also been finding it difficult for me to transfer my winnings into my account from AYA, I don’t know how to go about it

    • Hi Motunrayo, please contact us using the chat button below or Call us on 01-4663270. Cheers !

  • Hi admin
    I just played national through my phone dial code *755# and i won.
    If i come to ijebu office at ojuelegba will i be given my wins in cash or you will demand my access bank acct number to transfer it to.

    • Hi David, *755# winnings are paid into your Access Yellow Account (MTN) or Access Mobile Account (Airtel)

  • how can i play with my airtel sim

  • How can I get paid when I used *755# to play and win on phone

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