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What is Football Accumulator Betting?

The betting term ‘football accumulator’ involves picking at least four selections, but possibly way more than four selections.
When you place a football accumulator bet, all of the selections you choose have to win for you to get paid out the winnings. If just one selection lets you down, you lose your money, dust yourself down and try again!
Football accumulator betting is popular all over the world, with the bet type changing the way people view and watch football during a packed diary of action.
For many football betting supporters, the football accumulator has become a ritual and part of their sporting life. Placing a long list of selections in a football accumulator massively increases the excitement and anticipation ahead of a busy night, or weekend of matches from around the world.

There are two big reasons why football betting accumulators are so popular;

  1. From such a small stake you can have the chance to win a large amount of money due to the fact you have combined several selections, thus, making the odds higher and way more attractive than betting on just one or two matches.
  1. A football accumulator means you can have an interest in so many more football matches and leagues from all around the world. It can transform watching some matches from leagues or countries that you would not normally have an interest in, to immediately becoming exciting and you having a team to cheer on!

Football accumulators work by placing several selections in one bet, which we can also call having multiple ‘legs’ that need to win in order to get paid out.

Let’s imagine that you had placed a ₦500 bet on the outcomes of five football matches in the English Premier League on a Saturday afternoon.

Chelsea vs West Brom – You select Chelsea to win at 2.0

Manchester United vs Stoke – You select Man UTD to win at 2.0

Tottenham vs West Ham – You select Tottenham to win at 2.0

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa – You select Palace to win at 2.0

Newcastle vs Liverpool – You select Liverpool to win at 2.0

Football Accumulator Betting - Football betting Nigeria

The accumulator is then worked out based on the result of each ‘leg’ of the bet placed.

If Chelsea wins, your ₦500 goes up to ₦1000 and this amount now goes on to the next leg.

When Man UTD wins you then see the value of your bet go up to ₦2000, as you will have had ₦1000 on at 2.0.

By the time Tottenham beats West Ham, your bet is worth ₦4000 (but you won’t be able to cash out unless the final two selections win).

When Palace beats Villa with a late winner that you cheer on loudly, you then have ₦8000 going on to Liverpool in the final leg of your football accumulator.

With Liverpool running out comfortable 3-1 winners, it means you have selected five correct outcomes and you are paid out ₦16,000 from having staked just N500.

This is why football accumulator betting is so popular and why every weekend millions of Nigerians carefully make their picks, stake their cash and take their chance.

Football Betting Trivia: The biggest Football Accumulator Betting win on Baba Ijebu at the moment is ₦1,088,595.25. Can you trump that?


  • I cnt make accumulator selections and cnt play lotto

    • Hello Anon,
      Please try this again by selecting multiple numbers.

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