How to Withdraw from Cash Wallet

To ensure your security on babaijebu.ng, we have created a Tri wallet system. This means you can maintain three wallets at a time.
One funded via cash (Cash Wallet), Two Funded by your Naira MasterCard (Card Wallet) and the 3rd wallet funded by Bank Transfer from our platform (Bank IT Wallet).

Withdrawals from your cash wallet can be done via a bank transfer to the bank account specified by you.

Withdrawals from your card wallet can only be done to the card used to fund your card wallet i.e. the bank account mapped to your debit card.

All Withdrawals are Instant and can’t be stopped once processed*

Withdraw From Cash Wallet

To withdraw from your cash wallet, follow the instructions below

  1. Click on the cash wallet
  2. From the drop menu on the wallet, click on Withdraw
  3. The withdrawal form comes up as shown below
  4. Type in the amount you wish to withdraw
  5. Fill in the account name as specified on the account you wish to withdraw to
  6. Type in your account number (please ensure this is accurate)
  7. Select your bank from the list of banks in the dropdown
  8. Click the withdraw button
  9. Kindly note that withdrawals are processed at specified intervals and may not be instant.
  10. You cannot withdraw more than your current cash wallet balance

Account Name must match the same as your Bank Account in destination bank. Also, Account Number for mobile money can’t be paid into.


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